Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final DBloC Post! I did it!!

This is it! The last day of Daily Blog Challenge. The final post. I did it! I missed the first couple days, because I heard about it a bit late. I missed one other day because the internet was being flaky at home. I made a couple posts after midnight. In the end, I did it though. 30 posts in 30 days. Sean at Reality Blurs started it because he didn't have the time to participate in NaNoWriMo. I jumped on board  because I wanted to kickstart this blog and write more about gaming.

I threw all my posts into a word processor, because I was curious about word count. NaNoWriMo says 50,000 words constitutes a novel. I was curious as to how close I got to that number this month. After stripping out the dates, tags, and other extraneous text, I ended up with almost 20,000 words.Maybe not a novel, but certainly in the "novella" range.

So what did I learn? Well, I learned that I could write something about gaming everyday and have fun doing it. Sure there were some lean days. Days without inspiration or a lot of time, but I forced myself to get something in writing. I learned that at least some people find what I'm writing to be interesting, and people were paying enough attention to actually comment on my posts. I discovered some new and interesting blogs and projects. I ended up buying a bunch more OSR related games and supplements. I learned that I enjoy writing about the games I'm playing and the games I'm interested in playing. I decided that I want this blog to be primarily related to gaming, generally, and RPGs, specifically. I also learned that I probably won't ever be one of those daily bloggers. That said, I think I can keep this thing alive for a little while. I know I'm still fresh and in that window of time where blogs tend to fizzle out.

So yeah...not much else to talk about today. I'll probably take tomorrow off, and maybe the next day, too, but I hope to keep posting. There will be more reports from GASP Game Days, reviews of the stuff I'm reading and playing, and game reports. I hope to use this space to continue the work I've started on my campaign world. Eventually, I hope to post some house rules and game materials for some of those games I'm playing. I even have a game design idea sitting on the back burner. Just a thought right now, really, but if I manage to turn it into something more, you're definitely going to hear about it here.

So thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting and complimenting me on the stuff I've posted so far...and to paraphrase the Big Boys, "Now go start your own [blog]!"

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