Monday, November 15, 2010

DBloC Halfway Point

Daily Blog Challenge post number 14.

I'm still a post behind, because I got started a little late. I'm waiting for a day when I get some inspiration after I've already posted for the day, rather than trying to force something, just to catch up. So far, it hasn't been bad getting a post-a-day. I'm sure I won't be able to keep up this pace once the month is over, but it's been a great experiment. It's forced me into writing daily, and based on reactions from friends and others, I'm doing an pretty good job. Building the confidence to post your writing in public has got to be key to having a successful blog, so thanks to everyone who commented or talked to me in person.

Right now, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Harrisburg. Tomorrow, I have to review digitization grants for PA libraries. This is my fourth or fifth year acting as a reviewer, so it shouldn't be too tough. The drive is rough, though. Eight hours in the truck, back and forth, for about 6 hours of work. At least there is an Indian restaurant in the parking lot of the hotel, so I'm going to head over and check that out in a few minutes.

I guess this post doesn't really have much to do with gaming. My mind is a bit fried after GASPCon, where I played about 24 hours worth of RPGs in 48 hours, I think. 5 systems, 3 different GMs. Probably between 20 and 30 different co-players. Lots of talk of game systems and designs. Meeting new nerds from the Pittsburgh area into this stuff. It's all very exciting, but I'm still a bit burned out.

While writing this post, I did get a bit of inspiration for a new post, so I'm going to hit that Indian restaurant then I'll be back to regale you with my tales of adventure planning for the break time from my 4e game.

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