Sunday, November 14, 2010

GASPCon Day 3

Daily Blog Challenge post number 13.


Day 3 has wrapped. I made some new buddies, played a bunch of games, and got one of the best compliments I've gotten in months, I think. I was talking to John "Evernevermore" today, who ran all the games I played yesterday. I guess his girlfriend said I was the best roleplayer she played with all weekend. *Blush*. I think we played in two games together, Hackmaster and LotFP. In my limited experience gaming at cons, actually getting into the RP part of the game can be kind of difficult. You're sitting around the table with a bunch of strangers, so that can be intimidating. There is also the concern of inadvertently (or intentionally, if you are a jerk) taking the spotlight away from other players at the table. In a good game, all the players at the table will have their time to share the spotlight. So in the past week, I got props on the blog from Sean Preston at Reality Blurs and my buddy Allen, who blogs, mostly about horror films and the related, over at "The boat can leave now" (a reference to Fulci's classic Zombi 2), and now this compliment. I'm walking on cloud 9. 

Labyrinth Lord - Under Xylarthen's Tower
Labyrinth Lord is a D&D clone. The game is going to be run by Tim Harper, who also runs the LL game I played on Friday and the LL Campaign  at GASP game day. This session was based on a dungeon designed my Jeff Reints from Jeff's Game Blog. I've mentioned Jeff's blog on here at least once or twice before. It's a great read for anyone interested in old school gaming. This game was a triple whammy for me: Jeff Rients designed dungeon, Labyrinth Lord rules and Tim's gonzo DM style. Dave and Curt were signed up, as was Jeff from the GASP Game Day campaign. The session was a pretty standard dungeon crawl, with some interesting traps and other weirdness. Treasure was found, saves were failed, characters and retainers bit the dust, but we all had a ton of fun. Great wrap up for the RPGs of the weekend.

I also played Transamerica with Dave, Jonathan, Guy and Tim (who I met at the the Savage Worlds game yesterday). It was some kind of train game. It was kind of cool. Not exactly my thing, but it was fun. The five of us blasted through a couple rounds of Zombie Dice.

There is a huge raffle at the end of GASPCon. From what I can tell, everyone with the gold badge (people who registered for the whole weekend), and were still hanging around on Sunday, got something off the prize table. My ticket was called pretty early, so I had a pretty good variety to choose from. I snagged a copy of the Call of Cthulhu adventure book, Mansions of Madness. Pretty sweet deal! I figure I could use it for inspiration for a one off using either Call of Cthulhu or try converting them over Realms of Cthulhu

GASPCon was a great experience all around. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, including the guys that ran all the games I played (aka Tim, John, and Tom)!

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and any of this sounds at all interesting to you, check out GASP Game Days. It's sort of a free, mini-con that happens once a month. Game Days occur on the second Saturday of each month starting at 11 AM and going on until midnight at Legions Hobbies and Games on Perry Hwy in the North Hills. If you have questions about GASP or GASP game day, hit me up. If I don't know the answer (I'm a newbie), I can probably direct you to the right person.

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