Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wrestleworld Promo - Ladder Match

Wrestleworld is the brain child of Jason over at The Only Successful One. It is a D&D/Pro-Wrestling hybrid game.  Contact Jason via the blog, the ConstantCon announcement, or find him on G+ if you are interested. It's totally gonzo.

Thursday March 29, 2012 - Ladder Match

[Still drunk from their win over Smash O'Bloody  and The Pride of Boston, not to mention the copious amount of beer consumed, The Spoiler III and Caltrop Cal stumble up to Brother Solomon and his camera crew]

Spoiler: What I tell ya, Solomon, what I tell you. Those Irish bastards were no match for the likes of us and the match at all.
Cal: No match!!!
Spoiler: I gotta hand it to the booker at this here arena, though. A ladder match? That ain't The Spoiler's style. Where I come from, we fight with our feet on the ground. That's why I'm planning to take a week off and enjoy some rest and relaxation. I ain't climbing no damn ladder, ya see.
Cal: Yeah!! No ladder!
Spoiler: But ol' Cal here, he's got more guts than brains, so he's throwing his hat into the ring. He's gonna climb that ladder. He's gonna take that brief case. He's going to walk out of here with all that cash and the contract. I don't see any of these flunkies challenging him.
Cal: Damn them flunkies!!!
Spoiler: Ya see, this is a very special kind of match. The kind of match where you gotta be a little loose in the noggin'. Anybody willing to even enter the ring ain't right in my book. But that's where ol' Cal got the advantage. He's damn near lost his mind, but he can still fight. We've been training together these past couple weeks, and I taught him more than a thing or two. My ring sense, plus Cal's reckless nature are the perfect combination to take home that brief case. Now if you'll excuse us, we have a couple of things to go over before this thing gets under way.
Cal: [grins deviously then barks at the camera as the screen fades to black]. 

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