Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wrestleworld Promo for March 22, 2012

Spoiler III: I gotta hand it to you, Brother Solomon...those Freebards were some tough cookies. We're not talking Betty Crocker here.
Caltrop Cal: Yeaaaaah...Tough Cookies!
Spoiler: Those guys were the Otis Spunkmeyers of this here Wrestleworld...but, no, they weren't as tough as The Spoiler and ol' Caltrop over there. Not even close!
Cal: Yeah...not even close!
Spoiler: Looks like were set to take on that drunken bastard Smash O' Bloody in his signature match, The Irish Death Match.
Cal: I heard he ain't even Irish!!!
Spoiler: Now don't you say too much about ol' Smash, there Cal. He's a cagey vet and you could learn more than a thing or two from him in the squared circle. If that ain't enough, he's dragging them no-goods "The Pride of Boston." If that's what makes Boston proud, I'm glad I ain't from 'round them parts. Buncha no-good jerks if ya ask me.
Cal: Yeah...JERKS!
Spoiler: But the Spoiler, he's got a thing or two up his sleeve to handle those knuckle heads. And ol' Cal here, you don't even wanna know where he keeps his tricks. It ain't right, to be perfectly honest, but I know ol' Cal got the Spoilers back, and we're gonna take the heat to this crew.
Cal: [grins deviously then barks at the camera as the screen fades to black].

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