Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wrestleworld Characters

Jason over at The Only Successful One is working on a D&D/Pro-Wrestling hybrid game. I've joined on to try to it out via G+ Hangout on Thursday night. I rolled up a couple characters based on the rules he put together on his blog.

Contact Jason via the blog, the ConstantCon announcement, or find him on G+ if you are interested. It's totally gonzo and should be a blast.

Here's what I have so far --

Name: The Spoiler III
Class: U.S./Canadian Brawler
Alignment: Tweener
Finisher: Spoiler Bomb
Signature Moves: Spoiler Diviving Spear, Fall Away Slam, A Left & A Right & A Left & A..., Spoiler Splash
Entrance Music: Sheer Terror - I Spoiler

Name: Caltrop Cal
Class: U.S./Canadian Death Match Wrestler
Alignment: Heel
Finisher: Caltrop Driver
Signature Moves: Ring Apron Back Breaker, Head Shot Politics, Barbed Wire Projectile, Hey Mr. Culligan Man!
Entrance Music: Fuck...I'm Dead - Shotgun Facelift

Name: Mazmorra Extraordinario
Class: Lucha High Flyer (masked)
Alignment: Technico
Finisher: Mazmorra Superfantastico (450 corkscrew splash)
Signature Moves: Flying Knee, Dragonrana, Springboard Ropewalk Dive to the Floor, Tope Con Giro
Entrance Music: Dragoner - Dios Del Metal


  1. Awesome.

    Love that you added entrance music, and The Spoiler III.

    Now I need to come up w/ some type of entrance pyrotechnics mechanic.

    And anyone interested in playing is more then welcome.

  2. The Spoiler III is my actual fantasy wrestling persona, assuming I went to wrestling school and wet pro.