Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wrestleword Session 2 - Play Report

Wrestleworld is the brain child of Jason over at The Only Successful One. It is a D&D/Pro-Wrestling hybrid game. I've joined on to try to it out via G+ Hangout game that meets on Thursday nights. This session featured Jason as GM and Greg Backus and me as the PCs. Contact Jason via the blog, the ConstantCon announcement, or find him on G+ if you are interested. It's totally gonzo. We're sort of developing it as we play, so there is a lot of room for input from new players. If you've ever fantasy booked your own Wrestlemania with your LJNs when you were a kid, this is the game for you.

Thursday March 15, 2012 - Saint Smashtrick's Day

Head Booker - Jason Kielbasa

Enhancement Talent:

  • Mike Bolam 
    • The Spoiler III - Classic American Brawler 
    • Caltrop Cal - Scumbag Deathmatch Specialist 
  • Greg Backus 
    • Galaxian Alpha 
    • Galaxian Beta 
Full of piss and vinegar, and still high off their defeat of the Freebards the previous week, The Spoiler and Cal stumble upon the Galaxians in the Wrestleworld Complex parking lot. Realizing the two don't speak a lick of English, they direct them towards the entrance to the arena. The arena is completely decked out in the colors of the Irish Flag, and the quartet prepare for a wild beating in the Irish Death Match promoted that evening.

Spoiler steps up to Brother Solomon and let's him know that the four of them are looking to take on ol' Smash O' Bloody and The Pride of Boston - The Fireman and Kelly O'Beaten. Spoiler is mostly concerned about Smash and informs Solomon that "The Pride" are nuthin' but a couple punks. They leave the entrance way and check out the first room, where they find a trio of combatants dressed in La Parka gear. These knuckleheads clearly aren't here to talk and a fight quickly breaks out. Cal is quickly impressed by the toughness of Galaxian Alpha. After the fight, Alpha takes a stroll down to the snack bar while the other three ransack the room.

Finding nothing, Alpha starts looking around for a potential weapon and comes across a janitorial closet. He grabs a mop and Cal pilfers a couple packets of VoBan Vomit Absorber. They head to the ring area. The Irish team is already in the ring. The two groups start jawing at each other. Eventually The Fireman launches himself through the ropes at the Galaxians, while the other two grab the Shillelaghs in the the corners.

During the confusion on the floor, Cal heads under the ring to try to sneak up on the opponents from behind. Spoiler and Beta attempt to run interference, while Alpha brawls with the Fireman on the floor. Under the ring, Cal discovers a Leprechaun. He offers him a trail ration and befriends the little guy. The Leprechaun gives him a magic kelly green bowler hat, which Cal wears throughout the match. Due to the distractions by the guys on the floor, Cal is able to sneak up on Kelly O'Beaten and attacks him from behind, disarming him. They start slugging it out as Spoiler attempts to enter the ring. He's beaten back by O' Bloody, but manages to disarm the guy. The Fireman knocks out Alpha, but is quickly downed by a Shillelagh between the eyes. O'Bloody and O'Beaten decide to double team Cal in the ring, giving Spoiler the opportunity to get involved. The Irishmen botch the double-team and to add insult, Cal steals O'Beaten's finisher, dropping him with The Drunken Irishman Yakuza Kick. O'Beaten is a tough mother, though, and stumbles back to his feet. Beta is dropped in the scrum and is unable to make it to his feet before he is counted out.

Cal, Alpha and Spoiler all take a minute to down a beer and regain some strength. Cal temporarily blinds O'Beaten with the VoBan, while Spoiler and Alpha go to work on O'Bloody. The 3 on 2 battle quickly turns in our hero's favor as the beat the living hell out of O'Beaten and O'Bloody. While the ref is counting them out, Cal invites his new friend out from under the ring. The Leprechaun delivers the tadpole splash from the top rope to ensure the victory. Beta, Spoiler, and Cal celebrate in the ring with their new buddy. As the match ends, the Shillelaghs and magical bowler cap disintegrate and the Irish themed decorations disappear, as the screen fades to black.

Tune in next week to discover the next opponents for these rough and tumble brawlers...

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