Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wrestleworld Session 1 - Play Report

Wrestleworld is the brain child of Jason over at The Only Successful One. It is a  D&D/Pro-Wrestling hybrid game. I've joined on to try to it out via G+ Hangout game that meets on Thursday nights. The first session was just Jason and I, but we had a blast playing out the wrestling adventure.

Contact Jason via the blog, the ConstantCon announcement, or find him on G+ if you are interested. It's totally gonzo. We're sort of developing it as we play, so there is a lot of room for input from new players. If you've ever fantasy booked your own Wrestlemania with your LJNs when you were a kid, this is the game for you.

Thursday March 15, 2012

Head Booker - Jason Kielbasa
Enhancement Talent:

  • The Spoiler III - Classic American Brawler
  • Caltrop Cal - Scumbag Deathmatch Specialist
  • Mazmorra Extraordinio - High Flying Luchador
The unlikely trio approach the worn down hockey arena, looking to prove themselves in the squared circle.

Inside the main doors, they find Brother Solomon, find broadcast interviewer Brother Solomon and proceed to cut a promo on the featured main event competition for the evening, The Freebards. The Spoiler knows their reputation, but assures Solomon that the three of them are prepared to step into the ring.

After searching around some corporate offices (and finding an "intelligent" catcher's chest protector named D'Lo), they stumble into the fighting arena. The stands are half filled with jeering kobold's, and the promised 50' scaffold looks to only be about 20' high. In the stands, they spy Vader-taur (Minotaur-Vader hybrid??), and deciding to test his mettle, The Spoiler calls him out. The kobolds go crazy as Vader-taur prepared to charge them. It's a brutal fight, but the three greenhorns are eventually able to drop the mutant. The big high spot of the match played out as follow -- Mazmorra climbs to the top of the bleachers and gets a running start. Spoiler sees him and goes for the power bomb on the Vader-taur (Minotaur-Vader hybrid??). Spoiler hits the crit, turning his Spoiler Bomb into a Super Spoiler bomb. Mazmorra takes off from the top of bleachers for a crazy plancha and hits. Spoiler manages a jumping power bomb that is spiked by Mazmorra's body as he descends from the rafters. They strip Vader-taur of any fancy looking gear and turn towards the scaffolding.

The boys taunt the Freebards at the top of the scaffolding a bit, but decide to grab some nachos before the main event. They also spend some gold to find out the properties of some of the loot on Vader-taur. The most amusing was the red & yellow headband that makes you feel "more American".  After stumbling through a few back rooms, they eventually come down the entrance ramp as their theme music blares through a couple of blown out speakers.

They quickly climb towards the rafters and start the clubbering on the old Freebards. The boys take a beating, but manage to take out the more experienced Freebards. Mazmorra took a nasty fall from the top of the scaffold, and it will likely be a while before we see him around the Wrestleworld Pavilion again. Cal and Spoiler claim their prize, a diamond encrusted belt, then head back to the snack bar to recover their stamina with a couple beers.

The Spoiler and Cal are set to take on Irish Brawler Smash O'Bloody and his crew this Thursday. Don't miss it!!!


  1. Hahaha, never even thought that the DM is called the Head Booker. Great call.

    And yes, I am totally cool with player input. It's a game about playing wrestlers and doing awesome things. I'd rather find a way to say maybe yes to what you are wanting to do then say no. Try and find some happy ground and let the dice decide.

  2. We should come up with level names, too...

    1st - Enhancement Talent
    2nd - Greenhorn
    3rd - Curtain Jerker
    4th - Lower Midcarder
    5th - Midcarder
    6th - Upper Midcarder
    10th - Main Eventer

  3. Good call. Name levels are awesome.