Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bradley Keep - Session 3

Bradley Keep is the name of my Labyrinth Lord sandbox campaign. The goal is to highlight some of the best that the OSR community has to offer.

Date: Sunday March 4, 2012

  • Dorf the Dwarf (Dan) 
  • Stikky Fingas - Human Thief (Allen) 
  • Linus the Courageous - Human Fighter & Behemoth - Boar Hound (Allen) 
  • Graelyn Thorn - Elf Magic User/Cleric (Dave)
  • Samantha the Butcher - Human Magic User & Marsha - Rottweiller (Brad)
  • Vork the Sickly - Human Fighter (Tim)
After a bit of carousing in the Keep's tavern, the adventurers befriend the owner, Beasley, by purchasing the Honey Mead, his favorite beverage in the house. He provided them with some additional information about the Stonehell dungeon; mostly rumors he picked up off various other adventurers who had been through the Keep. They also learn that Lucius, the bailiff, is concerned about recent goblin attack, and is offering a bounty on goblin ears. Beasley also introduced Dorf to Amos, the jeweler currently residing in the Keep. Amos and Dorf agree to meet at the bank in the morning, so Amos can take a look at the crystal Dorf discovered in the Wizard's tower. 

The following morning, the group meets up with Amos, who offers Dorf 250 pp for the crystal, saying it was unlike anything he had seen before. Dorf decided to hold on to it for now, but let Amos know he would be first on the list if he were to sell it. They withdrew some cash and went to the armorer and upgraded Dorf, Linus, and Graelyn to plate armor. Lucius told the group about the goblin bounty (1 gp/ear). He also mentioned that there was man named Tazimak looking for people to clear out a house he had inherited. The house was one the outskirts of the village northwest of the Keep and rumored to be haunted. The party tracked Taz down in the tavern, where he offered them 50 GP, plus whatever they found in the manor. Figuring the house was closer than the dungeon, they would check it out first.

They hire Bargar on as a man-at-arms, and head to the Manor in the morning. While travelling to the manor, they are set upon by a band a 6 goblins. Moving to engage, Vork the Sickly was killed before ever getting to swing his sword (Tim took over playing Linus the Courageous - first game since the early 80s and his character dies before he even got to swing his sword - ouch). One of the other goblins dropped Behemoth in the same round. After a few rounds, the party was able to over take the goblins. They snagged the ears and looted the bodies and moved to the house.

While inspecting the strange topiary, they were set upon by a ghoul (groundskeeper). They make quick work of him and move to investigating the area around the house. They discover a sack of Magical Gro in the shed, avoid the outhouse, investigate a strange well, and take care of boar living in a dog house. Eventually, they enter the house and quickly search around the parlor. Graelyn notices something strange about the fire in the fire place (the log isn't actually burning). He tries squirting a little water on it, and the fire launches a small fire ball back at him. They decide to leave the room and check the door across the hall, finding a closet. Samantha tried on a reversible cloak, While messing around in the coat closet, a skeletal seneschal lumbers into the room. The party was able to take down the threat after a few rounds. We wrapped for the evening at the end of the fight.

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