Saturday, February 4, 2012

Upcoming Games

I haven't been behind the screen in months. I asked my buddy Jonathan to come over to introduce Hackmaster to my regular Tuesday night group. He's been playing Hackmaster for years, and it seemed best to get a pro, rather than trying to muddle through the extensive rules on our own. He had so much fun playing with the gang, that he asked if he could stick around and run some Labyrinth Lord for us. Everyone enjoyed his style, so we went for it.

The plan is to run a fairly open game, where players can rotate in and out as necessary. It also opens up the opportunity for others to take the reigns. Jonathan is planning on running a bunch of old TSR modules in a fairly static universe. We started with Castle Caldwell and Beyond, clearing the castle for a local merchant. That was a fairly successful venture, so we moved on to cleaning of "The Dungeons of Terror"® and rescuing Princess Sylvia. It's been a deadly affair (16 casualties in just 4 sessions), but we're all having a blast. I think we're heading off to learn the sinister secrets of the saltmarsh next. When I was playing as a kid, we didn't really do many modules, so it's nice to get to delve into some of the classics now.

I'm going to be starting up my section of the game soon, hopefully running on Sundays, and occasionally taking over the captain's chair occasionally on Tuesday. My plan in to run a bit more of a sandbox, out in the borderlands east of the area Jonathan is operating. Right now, I'm debating between a keep or small settlement as a home base. Since the primary game is focused on the classics, I plan on populating my region with some of my own ideas, and some of the best that the OSR has to offer -- Stonehell Dungeon, the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Modules, Small Niche Games Modules, Fight On! and whatever else I stumble upon (or rediscover in my RPG PDF directory). Eventually, I'd love to take advantage of Vornheim, Carcosa, and Isle of the Unknown, but I feel like they are all a little "out there" for our current playing style. There is always the opportunity to step through some sort of portal and end up in an alien world (both literally and figuratively), so they may rear their heads at some point.

I'm itching to get this underway, and I'll try to keep the blog updated as I move along.

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