Tuesday, February 7, 2012

List of Available AD&D Compliant Modules

Got a hankering for some old school dungeon delving?
Have a game coming up soon and you need something to toss at your players?
Stumble across your old D&D books in the attic while putting away your x-mas decorations?
Has the announcement announcement about the WOTC reprints of the 1st Edition AD&D books gotten you all hot and bothered?

Check out this great resource: A list of AD&D compliant modules. Lots of free stuff available. All sorts of adventures for all levels. This isn't bootlegged copies of the old modules. This is currently produced stuff that is still in print! Check it out...


(I did not pull this list together. Just sharing someone's hard work with the community. Us old-school types like to share.)

UPDATE: Share this file with anyone you see fit. No credit as to where you got it needed or expected, as per the original posters request.

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