Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hollow Earth Update

Have I been lazy about updating or what?

The new found interest in 40k has been a bit of a nerd-time suck. I've got my second game this weekend and I've been modeling like mad. Fortunately, the guys I'm playing with are okay with me showing up with unpainted models, so I've actually had time to eat, sleep, go to work, etc.

My tuesday night my regular group (Dave, Allen, Hickey, Paul and Brad) finished up our Hollow Earth Expedition adventure. Brad was absent and Paul, being back from tour, got his first chance at play in the Hollow Earth.

The adventurers had succeeded in thwarting Dr. Von Wartenberg's plan to steal the Atlantean crystal in the previous adventure, but discovered their way out of the Hollow Earth had abandoned them. They decided to follow the Nazi's tracks through the jungle. They heard some tribal drumming and what sounded like a woman shouting insults. The heroes quickly (and quietly moved towards the sounds) and stumbled across what appeared to be humanoid lizards in the midst of a ritual sacrifice of a beautiful woman (played by Paul -- hah). Some chaos and combat ensued and woman is released and joins the fight against her reptilian captors. When the group realizes that more lizardmen are being alerted to the disturbance, the party high-tails it towards a raft on the river bed.

They proceed down the river, with much chaos (including a fight on the raft with 2 lizardmen and a velociraptor and almost going over a giant waterfall), and eventually find a ruined temple in the valley beneath the waterfall. Inside the temple, they are able to solve a puzzle that opens the waterfall. There are a bunch of traps which are navigated on the way to a large room with some sort of glowing crystal. The players grab the crystal, shit goes haywire, the caverns start to flood. The snooty professors falls in the drink, and Dr Dan the field biologist gets crushed in a trap.

They stumble out of the ruins and notice the prof crawling out of the lake looking like a drowned rat, but otherwise okay. As the waterfall begins to close, they realize they are surrounded by Nazis, let by Von Wartenberg. As he delivers a soliloquy on what happens to those who defy the Reich, the adventurers spot a pack of lizardmen making their way towards the group. From the other direction a horde of Raptors and finally, from the surface of the lake, a giant octopus surfaces. As the 5 way fight breaks out, the players high-tail it into the jungle as the screen fades to black.

Good game. I think everyone enjoyed it and we'll likely run more HEX adventures in the future. Definitely recommended for folks looking for some pulpy action and adventure.

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