Monday, January 17, 2011

Still "In Battle". Still "No Law".

I assembled 5 more Space Marines this afternoon while watching the playoff games.

I now have two tactical units of 10 marines. I still need to hit the bits box at Phantom to see if I can find a chainsword or powerfist or something for my Sergeant. I should probably try to find another flamer and/or rocket launcher, too.

Up next is a ton of painting. I have a all but 5 of my minis based and primed, and got a base-coat on probably 10 or so. Lots of work there, but since I'm going with a single color scheme, it seems like it goes a bit faster than I'm used to. All of my other painting experience has been for individual minis for D&D games. After that, is assembling and painting the devastator squad. Fortunately, I have no immediate plans for public play, so I can get away with partial paint jobs amongst friends.

I have make some decisions on which direction to go with the army after that. I need some sort of dedicated transport to help get the marines around the battle field a bit more quickly, and some sort of fast attack option. Finally, I really want to buy this, because it looks so damn cool:
A Techmarine and his Thunderfire Cannon 

I've got a bit of a crush on Tech Priests after playing one in my first Dark Heresy campaign, so I want some in my army. This looks like a pretty badass choice. The model is awfully expensive, but it looks wicked, so I may make the investment.

More RPG stuff soon, I promise. I'm playing in the 3.5 D&D Forgotten Realms campaign tomorrow evening and I'll be running my first session of Hollow Earth Expedition the following day. I'll definitely have a report for the HEX game sometime later this week, at the very least.

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