Sunday, October 10, 2010

Going to try to resurrect this here blog

I dropped the ball. There for  a while, I was watching way more than I could write about, so I gave up. I decided to give the writing a shot again, though. Still no specific plans for the direction my writing will go, but as before, expect some stuff about gaming, movies, beers...whatever I'm getting into.

Now playing?
Porno Groove - The Sounds of 70's Adult Films
Secret Stash Records and Fantasy Productions have teamed up to bring you the definitive Porno Groove collection. I grabbed this vinyl only compilation of songs from various Fantasy Productions films at Mindcure yesterday with some of the money I made that the Belvedere's record swap. The band, The Up Stroke, I assume was something of a house band at Fantasy, as they provided all the tracks here. Sure, it's got a little bit of the "wacka-chicka" vibe, it is 70s porn after all, but there really seems to be something more there. This stuff doesn't fall into all the tropes you are expecting. There is significant variety across the tracks, even if they all fall into the same general genre. I'm not ashamed to admit the draw of the comp was based on the connection to 70s cinema, adult or otherwise, over any overt interest in funk or soul. I'm really veering off my usual path here, after years of being locked down on punk and metal, with the occasional 70s-80s, usually synth oriented, horror soundtracks (Carpenter, Frizzi, Goblin).That said, I'm digging the smooth grooves. I've heard enough stuff like this in various forms of 70s cinema, that it sounds somewhat familiar, even with a fairly limited knowledge of the genre. I think this is going to be more of a download genre for me, as I really can't afford to get too involved in another area of collecting, but I'll probably continue to pick up other odds and ends, if I come across them.

If anyone can recommend some good blogs to explore more soundtrack recordings (porn, or otherwise), hook me up with some in the comments section. Thanks.

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